The Proposal And The Plan - A Tax Free America

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Chapter 4:  Rolling Out Tax Change

Changing the tax code can be a complex animal.  Many of us are familiar with Neal Bortz and his book on the Fair Tax.  I am a fan of the Fair Tax, and also of a national sales tax, because both of them take into consideration that the people don't like to figure out their income, or even to track it.  CPA types are good at that, but the general population isn't.  We don't like to be accountable for what we make, or taxed accordingly.  It is contrary to human nature.  It turns good people into crooks.  The lines between what is a legitimate write-off and what is overzealous is always blurred, as are the lines between what is tax fraud and what is a legitimate write-off.  Everyone feels burdened by this process.  I say all that to say, throw the tax code out the window.  Let us begin again, anew, with a better system.  Logistically, this will be the easiest thing we ever did!

Chapter 5:  The Federal Reserve and Banking
You may have heard stories about the origination of the Federal Reserve.  I have watched many videos and whatnot, as to understanding it's origins.  Knowing that it is a private entity has always fascinated me.  Go to Google and look up "Rothschild Conspiracy,"  and there you will find many things that influenced me in this idea.  You must note that it is contrived that Abe Lincoln and JFK were both killed for banking issues and their need to expose the corruption in the Federal Banking system.  But the Federal Reserve is a private organization who makes a mint if you will... more money than you can imagine or dream about.  Though this system could work in conjunction with the federal reserve, I recommendation we research alternate solutions as we move forward with this idea.  I would require a panel of experts to put on the table the option of allowing competition into the money printing business, or federalizing it.  Either way, there is much risk to the power that prints money.

Most people don't know that when a bank loans money, they are printing money in essence.  A bank that has $10,000 dollars in its vault can loan $100,000, and it is digitally created instantaneously, and paid back over time with interest.  So a bank is an institution with the ability to create money on the computer and issue it out.  It's kinda crazy when you think about it.

Chapter 6:  A Proposal

A total of $1.18 trillion dollars were paid in federal income tax in 2014.  During the same period, there was almost 1 trillion dollars in additional debt incurred by overspending, interest, and obligations.  As of today, the national debt has risen to over 18 billion.

I suggest that we cancel all debts of the IRS, close the department, and eliminate the need to track expenses for personal or non-exchange businesses.  Most regulations regarding funding would be gone.  The focus of making money becomes simple and easy, and would bolster the economics of the United States as never before!  The stock market would skyrocket amidst the news, investors would benefit, but most importantly, the working man would benefit by increased wages, less stress, and an instantly booming economy with a need to hire!

Considering that we have a continuously skyrocketing national debt, I suggest that we correct the problem of national debt by simply creating the currency, and paying it off over time.  This will continue to create inflation, but the load will be balanced by all in equal portion based on funds held.  We have never been at such a point as this in the world where we have almost zero inflation, and zero interest.  What better time to offer this proposal, which would jump-start that inflation once again.  If you consider that inflation of 3% per year would essentially be de-valuing the currency by 3% per year, and is a 3% tax across the board... personal, business, corporate, citizens and alien visitors alike.  Everyone pays it who has or makes money.  If you consider that those who sit on their capital, inflation devalues it.  In that way, whoever holds the most money is taxed the most.   This will affect off-shore accounts, drug dealers, illegals, prostitutes, it doesn't matter who you are, if you have U.S. dollars, you would be paying the tax by way of inflation.

What I am proposing is that we allow the federal government to pay all of its bills just as they have been paid.  The funds to do so are printed and digitally created, and never taken from individuals.  What does that mean?  The most important job in the nation becomes government cost oversight, and to keep inflation in check.  The greatness of the economy which will grow out of a taxless society will far surpass and overpower the costs of governing, and as long as we have a government that is reducing while the economy is growing, inflation will be kept in check, and all will benefit!

Yes, you read that right.  Let government spend as usual.  Don't collect any funds from the citizens.  Generate the funds necessary by the federal reserve under a new negociation, or remove the federal reserve in lieu of a nationally owned press.  Allow inflation to grow at a steady pace as more dollars are produced by a small percentage each year than are circulated by the work force and the Gross Domestic Product.   That small percentage will be the degree of inflation.
No more federal income tax.  

Chapter 7:  A Lack Of Motivation

Part of the benefit of a capitalistic system is that people are motivated by money to work hard.  One thing that does not work in a capitalistic system is a capitalistic govenment.  What I mean is... if the health department worker gets the judge to fine the restaurant $10000 for running out of paper towels, then some of those funds go to the health department for operations.  Might I suggest that there be no financial motivation for any government office to collect revenue for self gain.  Government employees and departments who are rewarded should be rewarded by good service only, and not for collecting.  Capitalism is for citizens....  and never for government!  That's because government is simply an expense by the citizens for the benefit of those citizens, and not a for-profit venture.

I think about my trip to Disney World this past year.  They have a large plat of land with their own freeways.  They have their own property security.  I think about Disney in knowing that they are making plenty of money off of me for the theme parks, and that if they pull me over for speeding, they are very very nice.  They have no interest in fining me, because they want me to enjoy my vacation to their park.  Therefore, I am treated as a good citizen with respect and understanding.  They are slow to anger, slow to cause harm, quick with personality and politeness.  This is the way in which our government should be run.  There need be no financial motivation for a police officer to ticket citizens, but instead, every motivation to promote a happy experience in America with our legal system.

The way America has been portrayed to many foreigners, they see us as the United States of Disney World.  They come here and find a harshness that was not portrayed in the movies.  I believe it is up to us to give that good feeling back to our visitors and our residents, and by changing the system, we can make that a success.

Chapter 8:  It's So Easy, Why Haven't They Done This Already?
The goal behind this simple transition is to stop the collection of taxes, to rely on inflation and the creation of capital by print or electronic increase, and then to go about our way, changing the focus of the people towards the need to limit that inflation by reducing expenses within government agencies...

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